UNITA Didactic

UNITA Didactic

The main objective of UNITA’s Work Package 2 “Teaching and Learning: flexible and student-centered” is to enhance excellence and innovation in teaching and learning through a student-centred and research-driven approach, starting from BA and MA degrees in the three focus areas of Cultural heritage, Renewable energies and Circular economy. This approach will provide the Universities of the Alliance with vibrant learning environments and boost their attractiveness in a global perspective. Additionally, the creation of Hubs of Success for students in order to support tailored curricula, as well as implementing micro-credentials, will add to UNITA’s flexible approach to education paths.

Moreover, the attractiveness of the UNITA higher education institutions aims at a spill-over effect on the rural and mountain territories represented by the Alliance through both student and staff mobility and internships. For a long-term vision we strive to ensure a transformative action on our universities and regions by

  • making innovation in teaching & learning an intrinsic element of UNITA universities and contributing to promoting the European dimension of teaching enhancement;
  • having an outreach on the rural and mountain areas through the implementation of virtual teaching and learning environments such as connected campuses.