Desafío and Arriago: A new approach to student mobility

The “Desafío” and “Arraigo” programs originated in 2018 with the collaboration between the University of Zaragoza and the Provincial Council of Zaragoza. In four editions, more than 70 students of different bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the university participated. This program brilliantly reverses student mobility by allowing finally-year students and recent graduates to do internships […]

UNITA Virtual Mobilities – a (new) way of ensuring mobility for all

With one of its long-term objectives being that of achieving 50% mobility between all partner universities, UNITA is committed to developing and experimenting with new forms of mobility during the initial 3 years of implementation and beyond.  Virtual mobilities are one of the new forms of mobility developed within Work Package 6- Mobility 4 all, […]