UVT Senate

UVT Senate

Schedule of hearings

President of the UVT Senate
Univ. Prof. Dr. Anton TRĂILESCU
Wednesday: 12-14


Senate President photo

Prof. Univ. Dr.

President of the Senate


Prof. Univ. Dr.
Nicoleta-Claudia MOLDOVAN

Vice-president of the UVT Senate


  • President of the UVT Senate
  • Vice-president of the UVT Senate
  • The presidents of the specialized commissions of the UVT Senate



  • Committee on Institutional Strategy
  • Commission for educational process and academic career
  • Commission for the activity of research, development, innovation, artistic creation and sports performance
  •  Committee on Doctoral and Postdoctoral Study Programs
  • Commission for Internationalization and University Networks
  • Committee on Student Activities and Alumni Relations
  • Commission for economic-financial and heritage activities


a) approves the mission of the university, upon the rector's proposal;
b) guarantees academic freedom and university autonomy;
c) elaborate and adopt, following the debate with the university community, the University Charter;
d) approve the Quality Assurance Code and the Code of University Ethics and Deontology of UVT;
e) approves the UVT Code of student rights and obligations;
f) approve, upon the rector's proposal, the regulations and methodologies regarding the organization and operation of the university and its organizational components;
g) approve, at the proposal of the rector and in compliance with the legislation in force, the structure, organization and operation of the university;
h) approves, with the approval of the board of directors, upon the rector's proposal, the establishment, division, merger and abolition of the didactic, research and technical-administrative organizational components of UVT;
i) approves the multiannual strategic plan for institutional development and the operational plans, upon the rector's proposal;
j) approves, upon the rector's proposal, the draft budget and the budget execution;
k) concludes the management contract with the rector;
l) controls the activity of the rector and the board of administration through specialized commissions;
m) validates the public competitions for the positions in the board of directors;
n) approves the competition methodology, the UVT standards for the occupation of teaching and research positions and the results of the competitions for the employment of teaching and research staff, as well as the examinations for promotion in the teaching career and periodically evaluates the human resource;
o) approves the positions of teaching and research staff and the number of positions for teaching and auxiliary research staff, as well as for administrative staff;
p) at the proposal of the board of directors, approves the criteria and establishes the effective university norm in a differentiated manner, depending on the field, the specialization, the weight of the disciplines in the specialized training of the students and the size of the study groups;
q) may approve, at the proposal of the board of directors, by regulation, the increase of the minimum weekly teaching rate, in compliance with quality assurance standards, without exceeding the maximum limit provided by law, as well as the reduction of the teaching rate by no more than 50% for the teaching staff and research holder who exercises a management function within the UVT, a management, guidance and control function within the Ministry of Education, in the institutions under its subordination and coordination, as well as ARACIS or who is elected to a position of dignity public;
r) approves, based on the criteria of professional performance and financial situation, the continuation of the activity of a teaching or research staff after retirement, based on a contract for a fixed period of one year, with the possibility of annual extension, under the law;
s) approves the methodology for maintaining the quality of holder in education and/or in research for teaching staff or researchers who have reached the legal retirement age, based on the annual assessment of academic performance, in the event that UVT cannot cover the norms with holders;
t) approves the methodology for periodic evaluation of the results and performances of the teaching and research activities of the teaching and research staff and periodically evaluates their results and performances;
u) approves, upon the rector's proposal, the sanctioning of staff with reduced professional performance, based on its own methodology and the legislation in force;
v) annually approves, at the proposal of the board of directors, the structure of the academic year and the calendar of educational activities;
w) approves, at the proposal of the board of directors, the structure and amount of tuition fees and other categories of fees;
x) approves, in accordance with the law, upon the proposal of the board of directors, the programs of university and postgraduate studies, the educational plans related to them, the regulations of organization and operation related to each university cycle, the regulation regarding the professional activity of students and the code of rights and obligations of the student, the regulations on the organization and operation of postgraduate programs and the regulation on the organization and operation of professional training programs for adults;
y) annually establishes the master's degree programs organized within an accredited field;
z) approve the proposals for new study programs and for the abolition of those programs that no longer fit into the mission of the university or that are academically underperforming or financially unsustainable;
aa) approves, at the proposal of the board of directors, the number and sizes of study groups, in compliance with quality standards, according to the law;
bb) approves, with the approval of the board of directors, the UVT regulation for organizing admission, the methodology regarding the recognition and equating of studies or periods of study carried out in the country or abroad and the regulation regarding the organization and conduct of final exams;
cc) adopts, upon the proposal of the university doctoral studies council, the regulation regarding doctoral university studies, approves for doctoral university study programs the obligations related to frequency and reduced frequency, approves the methodology for conducting the public competition, organized by the legal representative of IOSUD, for occupying the position of CSUD director and approves the methodology for appointing CSUD members;
dd) approves the scholarship awarding methodology;
ee) establishes the number of doctoral students who can be supervised simultaneously by a doctoral supervisor, approves the duties of doctoral students hired as research assistants or university assistants for a fixed period, as well as, in special situations, upon the proposal of the doctoral supervisor, the extension by 1-2 years of the duration of the doctoral university study program, respectively the reduction by one year, at the request of the doctoral student, with the opinion of the doctoral supervisor;
ff) validates the resolution of admission or rejection of the habilitation thesis issued by the habilitation commission;
gg) approves the regulation for the organization and operation of the evaluation and quality assurance commission, as well as the representatives of teaching staff in its structure;
hh) approves the organization and operation regulations of the university ethics and deontology commission, approves its composition, upon the proposal of the board of directors, and approves the report of this commission;
ii) approves the establishment or takeover of national research-development institutes, research-development institutes, teaching stations and research-development stations;
jj) approves the establishment, including within some projects, for a determined or indefinite period, of distinct research or performance structures under the revenue and expenditure budget, which have their own autonomy and statutes;
kk) approves the organization and operating regulations for the state pre-university education units, established within the structure of the university and approves the tuition fee for the post-secondary education organized by the university, in accordance with the law;
ll) approves the regulation for drawing up agreements and carrying out national and international cooperation programs of UVT;
mm) approves, with the approval of the board of directors, the support of teaching and research activities in other higher education or research institutions by the UVT staff;
nn) approves the methodology regarding the employment of specialists with recognized scientific and professional value in the field, from the country or abroad, who do not hold a doctor's degree, as invited associate teaching staff;
oo) equates the quality of university professor for the prestigious specialists who hold this quality, as well as the quality of doctoral supervisor, acquired abroad, under the conditions of the law;
pp) debates, at the end of each financial year, the report of the UVT management regarding the activity of research, development, innovation and artistic creation, the manner in which the management expenses for the research grants and contracts were carried out, as well as the information regarding the funding research and funds related to projects financed by national and international programs, carried out by the university;
qq) approves the granting of the sabbatical year, according to the law;
rr) approves the granting of honorary titles and distinctions;
ss) establishes the disciplinary sanctions given in its jurisdiction by law;
tt) establishes ceilings on expenses that can be approved by the rector;
uu) debates the rector's annual report on the state of UVT, based on the reports made by its specialized commissions;
vv) debates the annual report on compliance with the student rights and obligations code prepared by the representative student organization in UVT;
ww) approves the establishment of companies, foundations or associations, pre-university education units and the granting, by contract, of the right to administer and use its assets to companies or associations, in which it has the capacity of associate or shareholder, or to foundations, in which it has the capacity of the founder;
xx) validates the results of the elections for the management structures and positions at the level of the university, of IOSUD-UVT, of the faculties, departments and doctoral schools, as well as of the public selection contests for the positions of dean and director of the university doctoral studies council ;
yy) designates, in the case of the rector's dismissal from office by the ministry, a vice-rector as interim rector, who represents UVT and who becomes the credit orderer until a new rector is confirmed by the relevant ministry;
zz) fulfills any other duties given in his competence by law.


1. Univ. Conf. Dr. TEC Maria – Lavinia FD President

2. University Prof. Dr. BARNA Flavia – Mirela FEAA
3. Univ. Assoc. Dr. BOTA Eugen – Vasile FEFS
4. Univ. Assoc. Dr. MICLE Dorel FLIT
5. University professor Dr. PETROVICI Yasmina FSPFSC
6. Univ. Conf. Dr. POPEAN Mihai Ioan FMT
7. Univ. Conf. Dr. ŞIPOȘ Ciprian Alexandru FEAA


8. Stud. CHINDRIS Ioan FMI
9. Stud. SAVA Ana – Maria FEAA

1. University Prof. Dr. BUGLEA Alexandru FEAA President

2. Univ. Assoc. Dr. BARZU Eugen Florin FAD
3. Lect. university Dr. CĂPRARU Ecaterina FMT 
4. Lect. university Dr. HURDUZEU Nicolae DPPD
5. University professor Dr. LUCHEȘ Daniel FSP
6. Univ. Conf. Dr. NAGHI Remus Ionuț FEAA
7. Univ. Conf. Dr. COUNTRY George Bogdan FLIT


8. Stud. NAGY Iosif-Alexandru FMI
9. Stud. PÎRVAN Andreea Sorina FCBG          

1. University Prof. Dr. SASU Adina Luminița FMI President

2. Univ. Assoc. Dr. CEIA Valy Geta FLIT
3. University Prof. Dr. DOCEA Vasile FSPFSC
4. University Prof. Dr. IANOVICI Nicoleta FCBG
5. University Prof. Dr. PETCU Dana FMI
6. Lect. university Dr. PUTA Tiberiu Silviu FEFS
7. Univ. Conf. Dr. ȘTEF Marius Marian FF


8. Stud. SABAU Myriam Ligia FEFS


1. University Prof. Dr. MIHĂESCU Camil George FAD President

2. University Prof. Dr. LUNGU BADEA Georgiana FLIT
3. University Prof. Dr. MIRCEA Gabriela FEAA 
4. University Prof. Dr. PUTZ Mihai Viorel FCBG
5. University Prof. Dr. VIZMAN Daniel Florin FF
6. University Prof. Dr. ZAHARIE Daniela FMI


7. Stud. MILENCOVICI Daniel Alex FMT

1. Univ. Conf. Dr. VOICULESCU Sorina Natalia FCBG President

2. Univ. Assoc. Dr. BIRTEA Iosif Petru FMI
3. Univ. Assoc. Dr. BOJIN Lucian Iulian FD
4. Univ. Assoc. Dr. KOREK Adrian FMT
5. University Prof. Dr. MACSINGA Irina Elena FLIT
6. Univ. Conf. Dr. SÎRBU Elena Maria FEFS
7. Univ. Conf. Dr. STEFU Nicoleta Adina FF                          


8. Stud. HAPPY Vlad FF
9. Stud. HENȚ Geanina Raluca FLIT

1. Stud. CIUCĂ Cristian Alexandru FCBG President

2. Lect. university Dr. BAYA Adina FSPFSC
3. Lect. university Dr. POPA Alexandru FD
4. Univ. Assoc. Dr. ROTARU Dumitru Remus FAD


5. Stud. CORBU Ecaterina FSP
6. Stud. MOGA Maria FAD
7. Stud. SUVEI Denisa Mihaela FEAA     

1. University Prof. Dr. STEFEA Petru Marin FEAA President

2. Univ. Assoc. Dr. COZMA Mihaela Monica Vasilica FLIT
3. Univ. Assoc. Dr. DUMITRESCU Alin Constantin FEAA
4. Lect. university Dr. PREDESCU Sorin Vlad FSP
5. University Prof. Dr. TOMIțA Mihaela Alida FSP


6. Stud. CREANGĂ Stefan FMT
7. Stud. DUMITRESCU Florentina Dariana FD


President of the UVT Senate

Univ. Prof. Dr. Anton TRĂILESCU
Email Address:

Phone number: + 40- (0) 256-592302

Vice-president of the UVT Senate

Univ. Prof. Dr. Nicoleta-Claudia MOLDOVAN 
Email Address:

Phone number: + 40- (0) 256-592302

UVT Senate Secretariat

Secretary Sorina TORZAN
Email Address:

Phone number: + 40- (0) 256-592351
Fax: + 40 256-592 310

Cabinet: 180, Bd. Vasile Pârvan no. 4, Timișoara, postal code 300223, Timiș county, Romania

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