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International Students @WUT

Are you an international student, have you completed your studies abroad or do you know international citizens interested in enrolling at the West University of Timișoara?

Choose an experience that will change your life, as a student at UVT! 

UVT & TImișoara Promotional Video

So Romania is a beautiful country, what does it have to offer?

However, we presented Timișoara as it is: effervescent, full of life and culture.

We, the Western University of Timișoara in 2022

In 2022 we constantly invested, developed and innovated out of a desire to provide students, faculty and administrative staff with an environment where they can become the best version of themselves.

Our journey continues with new challenges and ambitious projects that, together with you, we will successfully achieve. Together, we are UVT! 

General UVT promotion video

Are you on your way to becoming a good student? Why not become the best version of you instead?  

At #WUT, we guide you to discover, develop and #BecomeYourBest.

Join WUT and explore the most vibrant city in western Romania! #Timisoara

International Students @WUT #2

What were the reasons why you chose the West University of Timișoara? How would you describe student life at UVT? If you were to recommend the West University of Timișoara to your friends, what keywords would you use?

We asked some of our international students to tell us something about their international experience at the Western University of Timișoara. Some of them answered the above questions, others expressed themselves freely and this is what came out. 

Promotional video #UnivestSport

A week with a lot of growth at UVT!

For a week, UVT's sports facilities hosted sports games such as football, handball, basketball, volleyball or beach volleyball, field tennis, athletics, swimming or badminton.

UVT Awards Gala Aftermovie

The community of the West University of Timișoara is constantly concerned with the expansion of scientific and professional development projects, with the recognition of the merits and performances of the members, who, through their work, contribute essentially to the increase of its academic prestige and the achievement of the UVT mission.

Thus, as part of a new annual event dedicated to sciences, arts and sports, held at the "Mihai Eminescu" National Theater in Timișoara, the eighth edition of the UVT Awards Gala took place. 

Videos Promotion Faculties

Faculty of Arts and Design

"A true artist is not one who feels inspired, but one who inspires others." - Salvador Dalí

Are you original, have a slightly non-conformist nature and translate your emotions into art? Do you want to give free rein to your creativity and are you passionate about the visual arts? Come to the Faculty of Arts and Design at UVT to develop professionally and perfect yourself as an artist!

Faculty of Chemistry, Biology, Geography

Are you interested in the study of life and living organisms? Are you passionate about tourism and want to learn more about the landforms and peculiarities of various countries? Do you like chemistry and would like a career in this field? The members of the Faculty of Chemistry, Biology, Geography are waiting for you to be their colleague!

Faculty of Law

Are you curious about how the legislative process works? Are you interested in how laws are enforced and, more importantly, who makes sure they are enforced? Do you want a career in the legal field? At the Faculty of Law within the UVT you have the opportunity to experience the various professions in the legal field already during the years of study, as well as the opportunity to practice with a judge, through a unique national partnership that the faculty has with Timisoara Court of Appeal.

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Are you fascinated by the business world and have an entrepreneurial spirit? Are you good at calculations, formulas and making connections quickly? Do you want to know how a brand is born and promoted? At the UVT Faculty of Economics and Business Administration you have the opportunity to get in touch with the business environment already during your study years and prepare for a career in this field. 

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

What makes an athlete motivated?
Put your motivation to work at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport - UVT

Faculty of Physics

Do you want to know how the universe was formed and how the forces that set everything in motion work? Are you passionate about science? Then come to the Faculty of Physics! It took the 1st place at the national level in the prestigious top ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects, for the field of Physics.

Faculty of Letters, History and Theology

Are you passionate about history and want to find out how the events unfolded that changed the world and transformed it into what we see today? Do you want to master a foreign language as well as possible, or are you a spiritual person, eager to help? Then we are waiting for you at the Faculty of Letters, History and Theology within UVT.

They say that history is written by the victors. How different would it look if it were written by the losers?

University of mathematics and Informatics

Are you passionate about math and computer science? Do you want a career in IT? The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science provides you with the necessary means and resources to develop professionally.

If you had to sum up happiness in an equation or a line of code, what would it sound like?

Faculty of Music and Theater

Are you passionate about acting and love being in the spotlight? Do you want to deepen your study of musical instruments and follow your passion for music? The Faculty of Music and Theater puts several specializations on stage for you, where the conductors are the teaching staff involved, renowned artists, and you can be the protagonist!

Faculty of Sociology and Psychology

Are you a tolerant person willing to help? Do you want to better understand the social phenomena and emotions we experience throughout our lives? Or maybe you want to polish and inspire generations of students by being a teacher or a teacher. If you answered yes to one of these questions, the Faculty of Sociology and Psychology awaits you for admission!

Faculty of Political Science, Philosophy and Communication Sciences

"We are a faculty of specializations focused on ideas, debates, concepts, critical thinking, self-discipline, autonomy, planning, that is, those specialists that contemporary society needs in the first place." If you want to work in administration, a political career or are passionate about communication and advertising, come to the Faculty of Political Sciences, Philosophy and Communication Sciences!