UNITA Virtual Mobility

UNITA Virtual Mobility

The UNITA Universitas Montium alliance brings together 12 comprehensive and research universities from 7 European countries with different development trajectories and which bring together 248.000 students and 20.000 teachers and administrative staff.


UVT students have the opportunity to complete their international experience by virtual participation in one or two courses offered by one of the UNITA universities, during the academic year 2023-2024. A virtual mobility offers the opportunity to have access to UNITA resources and to interact with UNITA teaching staff and students in a virtual format, to familiarize yourself with different ways of teaching and learning, but without having to physically travel to the respective university . 


Submission of files in electronic format to
Evaluation of files, interviews, selection of students and display of results
Transmission of final results
04 - 22 March 2024
March 25 - 28, 2024
March 29 2024


The application file must contain the following documents:

  • Certificate with the average of the previous years - minimum 7. For Master's students, the average of the years completed at the Bachelor's level will also be compulsorily taken into account;
  • Curriculum Vitae – you can use the European CV model - Europass;
  • Letter of motivation justifying the selected course;
  • Certificate of knowledge of the language used in the selected course – minimum level B1 (can be any diploma attesting medium knowledge of a foreign language or certificates issued by the foreign language departments of each faculty; not for students studying the respective language as an integral part of their specialization);
  • Online registration form available at:

The file is submitted online, at the address


You can participate in the selection if:

  • You are enrolled at UVT and have already completed the 1st year of your degree at the time of starting the virtual mobility;
  • You have a minimum average of 7,00 years of study;
  • You are an integralist at the start of virtual mobility;
  • Language criterion: you must know the language that will be used in the selected course.

Take into account the following aspects:

  • The virtual mobility of studies carried out within the UNITA consortium will take place under the same academic conditions as an Erasmus+ study mobility;
  • The virtual mobility period is not counted when calculating the maximum 12-month mobility period that a student can benefit from during a study cycle, within the Erasmus+ program.