The centers of scientific research and university reaction bring together both prominent members of the academic community and young researchers interested in achieving performance in the field of reference, providing the organizational framework, the material base as well as the conditions for training the human resources necessary for research in the field.

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  • Institute for Advanced Environmental Research (ICAME)
  • Nicholas Georgescu – Roegen Interdisciplinary Training and Research Platform (PFCI-NGR)
  • Advanced Environmental Research Laboratories (ICAM)
  • Center for Research in Curating, Art History and Criticism, Heritage Studies (CICASP)
  • Creative Center of Contemporary Visual Arts (CCAVC)
  • Center for Creation and Research in Decorative Arts and Design (CCCADD) 
  • Regional Center for Research and Expertise in the field of conservation-Restoration of material Cultural heritage (CRSERC)
  • Research Center: Thermal Analyzes in Environmental Problems (CCTM)
  • Center for Regional Development, Cross-border Studies and Rational Spatial Planning (CDR-START)
  • Laboratory of Structural and Computational Chemistry-Physics for Nanoscience and Qsar (LCFSCNQ )
  • Center for applied geomorphology and interdisciplinary research (CGACI)
  • Center for Business Law Timișoara (CDATM )
  • Center for Comparative Law and Interdisciplinarity (CDCl)
  • Center for Research in Criminal Sciences (CCSP)
  • East European Center for Research in Economics and Business (SCRIPTURE)  
  • Green UVT Sustainability Center (Green UVT)
  • Research Center in Sports Science, Physical Education and Physiotherapy (CCSSEFK)
  • Research Center in Theoretical Physics (CCFT)
  • Research Group in Elementary Particle Physics (GCFPE)
  • Research Center in the Physics of Materials and Renewable Energies (MATREG)
  • Research-Development Center for Intelligent Materials and Biomedical Applications (CCDMIAB)
  • Center for Corpus Related Digital Approaches to Humanities (CODHUS)
  • Francophone Studies Center (CSF)
  • Interdisciplinary Center for Gender Studies (CISG)
  • Interdisciplinary Center for Regional Studies (CISR)
  • Research center for Heritage and cultural Anthropology (RHEA)
  • Center for Research in Translation and in the History of Romanian Translation (ISTRAROM)
  • Center for Academic and Professional Writing (Csapi)
  • The Center for Romance Studies in Timișoara (CSRT)
  • Center for History and Archeology Studies "Constantin Daicoviciu" Timisoara (CSIATim)
  • Center for Interdisciplinary Research of Movable and Immovable Archaeological Heritage (ARCHAEOTYM)
  • Center for Research in Qualitative Systems Theory with Applications to Control Problems (CCTCSAPC)
  • Research Center in Computer Science)(CCI)
  • UVT HPC Center (HPC)
  • Center for Musical and Interdisciplinary Research (CCMT)
  • Center for Social Diagnosis (CDS)
  • Center for Psychological Studies and Research Timișoara (CSCPT)
  • University Clinic for Psychopedagogical Therapies and Counseling (CUT)
  • Research Center - Action on Discrimination and Social Inclusion (CADIS)
  • Center for Research and Social Development (ICDS)
  • International Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Human Rights (ICIRHR)
  • Institute for Social and Political Research (CPSI)
  • The Institute for Social-Political Research: The Romanian Center for Penitentiary Studies (CRSP)
  • Institute for Social-Political Research: Center for Research in Philosophical Historiography and the Philosophy of the Imaginary (CCIFFI)


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