Announcement regarding the occupation of an institute secretary position

Announcement regarding the occupation of an institute secretary position

Contest date: 14 May 2024
Contest time: 10:00
Contest location: The head office of UVT, Timişoara, Bd. Vasile Pârvan, no. 4.

1. Competition commission:

  • Ramona Puiu – President;
  • Diana Pop – Member 1;
  • Gabriela Igna – Member 2;
  • Diana David – Commission Secretary

2. The appeal commission:

  • Ramona Mitiga – President;
  • Maria Davidescu – Member 1;
  • Marc Serena – Member 2;
  • Diana David – Commission Secretary.

3. Substitute member of the competition committee:

  • Voaides Alina;
  • Onita Mariana;

4. Substitute member of the competition committee secretary:

  • Dicso Vanessa, Human Resources Department.


Additional details

After posting the final results obtained, as the case may be, unsatisfied candidates can lodge an appeal within a maximum of one working day from the date of posting the final result.

The communication of the results of the appeals resolution commission is displayed within a maximum of one working day after the expiration of the deadline for submitting appeals.


Additional information can be obtained from the Human Resources Department, tel. 0256/592159.


Human Resources Department

Diana David

Competition tests:

The competition for filling the vacant position consists of 4 successive stages, as follows:

  1. the selection of enrollment files;
  2. written test – 10:00 a.m.;
  3. practical test – 13:00 a.m.;
  4. interview (intelligence test) – 15:00 p.m.

Each trial is eliminatory.

Bibliography of the competition:

  • UVT charter;
  • The student's rights and obligations code and the Regulation on the professional activity of students from UVT undergraduate and master's university study cycles;
  • The UVT Regulation regarding the organization and conduct of the admission process for undergraduate study programs;
  • UVT Regulation regarding the organization and conduct of the admission process for university study programs from the master's study cycle;
  • The regulation regarding the organization and conduct of the final exams for bachelor's and master's university studies at the University of the West in Timișoara;
  • The regulation regarding the regime of study documents and university documents from the West University of Timișoara.

Competition files will be submitted by 29.04.2024, at 15:00 p.m. at the UVT Registry (with menț"At the attention of the Human Resources Department, job application file"Job title"), UVT headquarters or at the e-mail addresses, and will contain mandatory the following documents:

  1. competition registration application addressed to the head of the organizing public institution (Annex 1);
  2. copy of the birth certificate, copy of the identity document or any other document that certifies the identity, according to the law, as the case may be;
  3. copies of documents certifying the level of studies and other documents certifying the performance of specializations, copies of documents certifying the fulfillment of specific conditions;
  4. copy of the work card, or, as the case may be, a certificate certifying seniority in work, in the trade and/or in the specialty of studies;
  5. the criminal record issued no more than 6 months before the date of the competition (original);
  6. medical certificate attesting to the appropriate state of health issued no more than 6 months before the competition by the candidate's family doctor or by the competent health units (original);
  7. the certificate of behavioral integrity from which it appears that no crimes have been committed under art. 1 paragraph (2) from Law no. 118/2019 regarding the automated national register regarding persons who have committed sexual crimes, exploitation of certain persons or against minors, as well as for the completion of Law no. 76/2008 regarding the organization and operation of the National Judicial Genetic Data System, with subsequent amendments,
    for candidates registered for positions within the education, health or social protection system, as well as any public or private entity whose activity involves
    direct contact with children, elderly people, people with disabilities or other categories of vulnerable people or that involves the physical examination or psychological evaluation of a person;
  8. curriculum vitae;
  9. declaration regarding the authenticity of the documents (Annex 2).

- The certificate certifying the state of health clearly contains the number, date, name of the issuer and its quality, in the standard format established by the Ministry of Health.

The documents provided for in point IV letter 2).

Information regarding the post of institute secretary, within the UVT General Secretariat:

  • The post of institute secretary is subordinate to the chief secretary;
  • Duration and working conditions: the position is for a fixed period, with the possibility of extension, the duration of the working time being 8 hours/day, respectively 40 hours/week under normal working conditions;
  • The minimum gross salary for the position is 5537 lei.
  • The food allowance is 347 lei.
  • The trial period is 30 days according to the law;
  • Rest leave and its duration: granted annually in accordance with the provisions of the republished Labor Code and special laws (if applicable);



conditionsgeneral thoughts:

  1. has Romanian citizenship, citizenship of other member states of the European Union or of states belonging to the European Economic Area and domicile in Romania;
  2. knows the Romanian language, written and spoken;
  3. has the minimum age regulated by the legal provisions;
  4. has full exercise capacity;
  5. has a state of health corresponding to the position for which he is applying, attested on the basis of the medical certificate issued by the family doctor or the authorized health units;
  6. fulfills the conditions of studies and, as the case may be, seniority or other specific conditions according to the requirements of the position put up for competition;
  7. has not been definitively convicted for committing a crime against humanity, against the state or against the authority, in the service or in connection with the service, which prevents the execution of justice, forgery or acts of corruption or a crime committed with intent, which would - incompatible with the exercise of the function, except for the situation in which rehabilitation has taken place.

 Specific conditions:

  • Higher studies completed with a bachelor's degree;
  • Knowledge of using a PC, knowledge of using internet browsers, knowledge of using programs from the Microsoft Office package or equivalent (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point), knowledge of using Adobe Reader, knowledge of using GMail, Google Drive & tools subsequent;
  • Knowledge of using the student management program - UMS
  • Very good knowledge of Romanian grammar and spelling.
    • Other specific requirements:

    - capacity for analysis and synthesis, dynamic adaptation to work tasks, resistance to stress;

    - initiative spirit;

    - responsible and organized person;

    - communication skills;

    - teamwork skills.

  • verification/scanning of documents of candidates in the admission process;
  • verification of the payment of registration fees, confirmation and the advance of study fees;
  • registration of first-year students/masters;
  • promotion of students/master's students from higher years following reclassification
  • completion and issuance of student cards/travel documents/CFR coupons for the XNUMXst cycle of bachelor's and master's degrees, endorsement of students'/master's cards from higher years as well as the issuance, on request, of duplicates and CFR coupons, records of CFR documents in electronic format for RMU import ;
  • taking documents from students and drawing up payroll for RATT settlements;
  • distribution and collection of tuition contracts, annexes to the contract and subject contract for completion and signature by enrolled students;
  • checking the original documents of students enrolled on a place financed from the state budget;
  • taking over scholarship files, IBAN accounts for scholarship students; introducing and assigning IBAN accounts for scholarship students in the UMS program;
  • the introduction of education plans in the UMS;
  • draws up the table with the subjects in the education plan and sends it to the chief secretary of the faculty for completion with the teaching staff who hold the courses/laboratories/seminars, according to the state of functions and coverage;
  • the assignment in the UMS of the mandatory, optional and optional subjects, as well as the complementary subjects that form the transversal skills from the UVT fields, other than those completed by the student according to the Regulation on the development of the UVT education plans;
  • the assignment of teaching staff and teaching activities for each individual discipline;
  • configuring exam sessions in UMS and entering exam schedules;
  • drawing up and keeping records of the students' school situation by: preparing the catalogs for the subjects planned in each exam session; calculation of averages after each exam session;
  • permanent verification of students' financial situation by introducing re-examination/re-contracting fees, tuition fees, as well as other types of fees;
  • drawing up and issuing partial transcripts, transcripts, diploma supplements at the request of students, based on the transcript register and assuming responsibility for the correctness of the data entered therein;
  • receiving, registering and processing all student requests regarding scholarships, accommodation, re-enrollment, interruption of studies, transfers, extension of studies, etc.;
  • creating statistical reports regarding the record of students in arrears, the degree of collection of fees, promotion, the degree of abandonment, employability, etc.
  • preparing the annexed lists to the Rector's decisions (enrollment, expulsion, re-enrollment, extension of studies, interruption/resumption of studies, transfer, etc.) and their distribution to the faculties for verification, signing and stamping;
  • the operation in UMS of the Rector's decisions (re-enrollment, resumption, extension, expulsion, etc.
  • drawing up lists of scholarship students according to backgrounds, for granting scholarships, taking into account the conditions established by the regulation;
  • configuration of study completion sessions;
  • the introduction of the members of the study completion committees;
  • enrolling graduates in the graduation exam;
  • entering the title of the bachelor/dissertation work and assigning the work coordinator;
  • downloading the grades received from the graduation committee;
  • listing certificates of completion of studies and partial transcripts and sending them to the faculty for verification, signing and stamping;
  • the preparation on request of all the situations related to graduates:
  • drawing up the supplements to the diploma and sending them to the faculty for verification and signing;
  • issuing documents to graduates and students based on the liquidation form;
  • drawing up slips containing the data of graduates with a passed license exam, in order to complete the license diplomas, sending them to the faculties for verification, signing and stamping;
  • listing the Matriculation Register and sending it to the faculties for verification, signing and stamping;
  • nominal verification of students imported into the Single Matriculation Register (RMU) as well as manual entry of students who could not be imported (non-existent in the RMU, transferred, enrolled in a higher year, etc.) according to the requirements of the RMU;
  • completing the templates on the e-Survey Online Portal (e-SOP) platform for all categories of students and graduates according to the requests of the National Institute of Statistics;
  • completing the templates on the national platform for collecting statistical data for higher education - UEFISCDI ANS for all categories of students and graduates according to the ministry's requests;
  • ensures the confidentiality of the personal data it processes throughout the duration of the individual employment contract and after its termination, for an unlimited period, in accordance with the provisions of EU Regulation 2016/679, other applicable provisions of European Union law or internal law.
  • the daily check (except for legal leave) of the electronic correspondence received at the institutional e-mail address is a service obligation.
  • prepares and is responsible for the submission of documents to the archive.
  • The tasks given by the higher hierarchical head, related to the specifics of the position, with respect for the fair distribution of tasks between positions, constitute a service obligation.
  • undertakes to comply with the provisions of the Charter, the Regulations and other regulations in force.

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