Announcement regarding the occupation of a specialized referent position - Erasmus+ Office

Announcement regarding the occupation of a specialized referent position - Erasmus+ Office

Contest date: April 24, 2024
Contest time: 09:00
Contest location: The head office of UVT, Timişoara, Bd. Vasile Pârvan, no. 4,

1. Competition commission:

  • Univ. Assoc. Dr. Valy Ceia – President;
  • Lect. Univ. Dr. Oana-Roxana IVAN-HOROBEȚ – Member 1;
  • Dr. Cristina-Florentina COJOCARU – Member 2;
  • David Diana – Commission Secretary

2. The appeal commission:

  • Dr. Roxana DIACONESCU – President;
  • Popescu Claudia – Member 1;
  • Ciciou Anca – Member 2;
  • David Diana – Commission Secretary.

3. Substitute members of the competition committee:

  • Bianca Lorena BEKIR
  • Elena STARCIUC

4. Substitute member of the competition committee secretary:

  • Dicso Vanessa, Human Resources Department.


Additional details

After posting the final results obtained, as the case may be, unsatisfied candidates can lodge an appeal within a maximum of one working day from the date of posting the final result.

The communication of the results of the appeals resolution commission is displayed within a maximum of one working day after the expiration of the deadline for submitting appeals.


Additional information can be obtained from the Human Resources Department, tel. 0256/592159.


Human Resources Department

Diana David

Competition tests:

The competition for filling vacant positions consists of 4 successive stages, as follows:

  1. the selection of enrollment files;
  2. written test - 09:00 a.m.;
  3. practical test – 12:00;
  4. interview (intelligence test) – 14:00 p.m.

Each trial is eliminatory.

Bibliography of the competition:

  • Erasmus+ Program Guide
  • Regulation regarding the organization of Erasmus Outgoing mobilities at the West University of Timișoara
  • The operational procedure regarding making payments to the participants of the Erasmus+ mobility projects organized at the West University of Timisoara
  • Operational procedure regarding the preparation of travel arrangements abroad
  • The information presented on the website of DRI, at the address: in the ERASMUS+ section;
  • Organization and Functioning Regulation - DRI
  • Charter of the West University of Timișoara
  • Law no. 199/2023 on higher education

Competition files will be submitted by 16.04.2024, at 15:00 p.m. at the UVT Registry (with menț"At the attention of the Human Resources Department, job application file"Job title"), UVT headquarters or at the e-mail addresses, and will contain mandatory the following documents:

  1. request the registration form (Annex 1);
  2. the copy of the identity document or any other document certifying the identity, according to the law, within the validity period the copy of the identity document or any other document certifying the identity, according to the law, as the case may be; if the candidate has changed his name, copies of documents certifying the change of name - marriage certificate or proof of name change;
  3. copy of the marriage certificate or other document through which the name change was made, as the case may be;
  4. copies of documents certifying the level of studies and other documents certifying the completion of specializations, as well as copies of documents certifying the fulfillment of the specific conditions of the position;
  5. the work book or, as the case may be, the certificates certifying seniority in work, in the profession and/or in the specialty of studies, in copy;
  6. the criminal record or a declaration on his own responsibility that he has no criminal history that would make him incompatible with the position for which he is applying; the candidate declared admitted to the selection of files, who submitted a declaration on his own responsibility at registration that he has no criminal history, has the obligation to complete the competition file with the original criminal record, at the latest by the date of the first test of the competition.
  7. medical certificate attesting to the appropriate state of health issued no more than 6 months before the competition by the candidate's family doctor or by the authorized health units. The certificate certifying the state of health clearly contains the number, date, name of the issuer and its quality, in the standard format established by the Ministry of Health;
  8. the certificate of behavioral integrity from which it appears that no crimes have been committed under art. 1 paragraph (2) from Law no. 118/2019 regarding the automated national register regarding persons who have committed sexual crimes, exploitation of certain persons or against minors, as well as for the completion of Law no. 76/2008 regarding the organization and operation of the National Judicial Genetic Data System, with subsequent amendments, for candidates registered for positions within the education, health or social protection system, as well as any public or private entity whose activity involves direct contact with children, elderly persons, persons with disabilities or other categories of vulnerable persons or which involves the physical examination or psychological evaluation of a person;.
  9. curriculum vitae, common European model;
  10. declaration regarding the authenticity of the documents (Annex 2).

- The certificate certifying the state of health clearly contains the number, date, name of the issuer and its quality, in the standard format established by the Ministry of Health.

The documents provided for in point IV letter b), c), d), will also be presented in original in order to verify the children's compliance with them, by a person appointed from the Human Resources Department previously or on the day set for the competition.

  Information regarding the post of education specialist referent, within the Department of International Relations:

  • The specialist referent position is subordinate to the Department Director;
  • Duration and working conditions: the position is for a fixed period - 1 year, with the possibility of extension, the duration of the working time being 8 hours/day, respectively 40 hours/week under normal working conditions;
  • The minimum gross salary for the position is 5.537 lei.
  • The food allowance is 347 lei.
  • The trial period is 30 days according to the law;
  • Rest leave and its duration: granted annually in accordance with the provisions of the republished Labor Code and special laws (if applicable).


conditionsgeneral thoughts:

  1. has Romanian citizenship, citizenship of other member states of the European Union or of states belonging to the European Economic Area and domicile in Romania;
  2. knows the Romanian language, written and spoken;
  3. has the minimum age regulated by the legal provisions;
  4. has full exercise capacity;
  5. has a state of health corresponding to the position for which he is applying, attested on the basis of the medical certificate issued by the family doctor or the authorized health units;
  6. fulfills the conditions of studies and, as the case may be, seniority or other specific conditions according to the requirements of the position put up for competition;
  7. has not been definitively convicted for committing a crime against humanity, against the state or against the authority, in the service or in connection with the service, which prevents the execution of justice, forgery or acts of corruption or a crime committed with intent, which would - incompatible with the exercise of the function, except for the situation in which rehabilitation has taken place.

 Specific conditions:

  • Higher education completed;
  • Knowledge of at least two foreign languages, one of which must be English, at C1 or C2 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Foreign Languages;
  • Computer skills: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel;
  • Erasmus program - Outgoing mobilities dedicated to teaching staff and administrative staff from UVT:

- ensures the implementation of Erasmus mobility projects within UVT - the outgoing teaching and training mobility component, in accordance with the Erasmus Charter of UVT 2021-2027;

- provides advice to teaching staff and UVT affiliated administrative staff regarding the general and specific aspects of the Erasmus+ Program, Key Action 1 "Learning Mobility of Individuals", regarding teaching and training mobilities;

- advises and monitors teaching staff and administrative staff within UVT who intend to carry out a teaching/training mobility, from expressing the intention to apply for an Erasmus+ grant within a selection, to carrying out a teaching/training mobility, until at the final reporting of mobility, following the reporting of the results obtained from the activity at the partner institution;

- provides teaching staff and administrative staff of UVT who benefit from teaching/training mobility within the Erasmus+ program, information about the selection, eligibility criteria for mobility and other details regarding the partner institution, the content of the selection file, living conditions in abroad, accommodation, establishing the objectives of the activity and reporting its results, etc.;

- organizes and supports presentations and events to promote the Erasmus+ program, as well as events of interest in terms of teaching and training mobilities among teaching staff and administrative staff from UVT;

- provides information about the relevance of mobility abroad for the professional development of teaching staff and administrative staff, but also for strengthening inter-institutional ties;

- constantly updates the database with offers of teaching/training mobility based on the inter-institutional agreements of the UVT, but also based on the information collected from the online environment regarding events such as Staff Training Week, conferences/workshops in the field of internationalization of higher education , etc;

- coordinates, together with the faculties, the selection of teaching staff in order to obtain an Erasmus+ grant for teaching/training mobility regarding the selections organized at the level of the faculties;

- coordinates the selection of UVT affiliated administrative staff in order to obtain an Erasmus+ grant for training mobilities regarding the centrally organized selections;

- after finalizing the lists of participants selected in order to achieve an outgoing teaching/training mobility, announces the institutional partners and nominates the grant beneficiaries;

- supports teaching staff/administrative staff in drawing up the necessary forms for mobility at the University/event opted for in this regard, if applicable;

- draws up the financial contract between the University of the West and the mobility participant regarding the Erasmus+ grant and ensures the circulation of the respective document in UVT;

- informs the beneficiary about his rights and obligations regarding the Erasmus+ mobility internship;

- ensures the correspondence with the beneficiaries who are on the move for the solution of any problems arising during the period of the mobility;

- requests the payment of Erasmus+ grants for teaching/training mobilities to the Economic-Financial Department, according to the internal procedures and regulations of the Erasmus+ program, and ensures the information of the beneficiaries regarding the bank transfers;

- upon the return of the beneficiaries from the mobility, they request and manage the supporting documents regarding the deployment of the mobility and the reporting of their activity according to the reporting instruments established at the national/European level;

- participates in the organization of national and international events specific to the Erasmus+ programs at UVT, specifically Staff Training Week, events within the selections for mobilities or valorization and dissemination of mobilities results, etc.;

- prepares periodically the reports required by the National Agency for Community Programs in the Field of Education and Professional Training in Bucharest;

- keeps in touch with the competent forums (ANPCDEFP) and participates in the conferences and seminars organized by them for the good implementation of the Erasmus+ program;

- prepares and submits on time the Intermediate and Final Report on the implementation of the Erasmus+ program to ANPCDEFP, using also the data provided by the Economic-Financial Department and other involved Services;

- contact the Erasmus+ managers in the faculties/departments and organize information sessions with them.

  • Travel arrangements:

- provides informational support to teaching staff and UVT administrative staff who carry out Erasmus+ outgoing teaching/training mobilities regarding the process of obtaining a travel permit;

- draws up travel arrangements for teaching staff and UVT administrative staff carrying out Erasmus+ outgoing teaching/training mobilities and keeps track of them before, during and after returning to the country;

- reports the situation of trips to the faculties, the Human Resources Department and to superiors.

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