WUT initiatives - Ukraine

WUT initiatives - Ukraine

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More deets: In case you are a citizen from Ukraine / with studies in Ukraine and you wish to apply for studies taught in Romanian at West University of Timisoara either through an international transfer or through an admission procedure, but you do not know Romanian yet, come join us for free Romanian language courses taught between 9.05-15.09.2022.

Registration period: 28.04 - 08.05.2022.

For further questions, please contact: international-admissions@e-uvt.ro 

Registration Form: https://forms.gle/wnsXbkH6EUTqj1xs5

Contact details: international-admissions@e-uvt.ro / + 40 0256 592 352

Details: Ukrainian citizens / students with studies in Ukraine, who wish to apply for a defined academic mobility (international transfer) Egypt for admission at the West University of Timisoara, are kindly requested to visit the following link.

contact persons: Diana Pleșca (diana.plesca@e-uvt.ro) / + 40 0256 592 227

Details: Ukrainian citizens interested in a grant to teach or to conduct research activities at the West University of Timisoara are invited to access the Visiting@WUT program and apply for a Visiting Lecturer visiting researcher position.

Contact: loredana.punga@e-uvt.ro


link: Timișoara volunteers for Ukraine - Support Center

Details: The Faculty of Letters, History and Theology of UVT creates a database of Russian and Ukrainian speakers.

Contact: codruta.gosa@e-uvt.ro


  • Details: The university's initiative on the Visiting Professor Program for teaching or research should have a distinct section with an exclusive offer for teachers and researchers working in the academic environment in Ukraine.


Contact: cosmin.goian@e-uvt.ro

 Where: WUT main hall (ground floor), daily between the hours of 8:30-16:30

Contact: dana.percec@e-uvt.ro

Details: Informing senior teachers and researchers, contacts within the framework of multinational projects carried out at university level, on current programs and opportunities offered by UVT: Visiting professors, postdoctoral, joint doctorate positions, English teaching positions, research positions at ICAM.

Contact: dana.petcu@e-uvt.ro

Details: Computer Science Department offers temporary full positions for Ukrainian lecturers and assistant professors in the academic year 2022-2023 for the study programs taught in English (https://www.info.uvt.ro/en/faculty-of-mathematics-and-computer-science/) with similar incomes as Romanian colleagues; accommodation in the teacher's dormitory. For professors and associate professors, priority will be given for Ukrainians in 2022 accessing the visiting professor program (https://ri.uvt.ro/visitingwut-grant-programme/?lang=en). Ukrainian students are welcomed to follow the English taught programs (https://www.info.uvt.ro/en/faculty-of-mathematics-and-computer-science/), at all three levels (undergraduate, master and PhD); accommodation in the student dorms; incomes according to the Romanian government new rules in place for Ukrainian student scholarships.

Details: In the context of continuous support offered by the Romanian Ministry of Education to academic staff, researchers and students from Ukrainian higher education institutions, the CEEPUS program offers a possible framework for mobility to Romanian universities. Thus, academic staff and/or researchers wishing to continue their activity at a Romanian higher education institution member of a CEEPUS network can apply and opt for a freemover status within these networks. An approval from the project coordinators is necessary. More information on this topic can be found accessing the webpage of the CEEPUS program: https://www.ceepus.info/content/apply. Financial conditions for mobilities to Romania can be found at the following link: https://www.ceepus.info/content/contact .

Contact: sorina.doroga@e-uvt.ro

Where: access this link.

Details: The volunteer interpreters team provides translation into support initiatives, such as counseling meetings with refugee parents or translation of short guides addressed to parents.

Contact: andra.dragotesc@e-uvt.ro

Details: Students who are currently in an Erasmus+ study mobility in Russia, for security reasons, are financially supported to return to Romania.

Contact: clinica.juridica@e-uvt.ro

Details: Free legal assistance to persons who have come from Ukraine and who have taken refuge in Romania.

Contact: dana.petcu@e-uvt.ro

Details: In order to attract teachers and researchers to perform a traineeship in UVT, the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics website is populated with traineeship offers. The teaching staff from the Ukrainian universities can choose between teaching activities and to be involved in the research carried out in the faculty.

Contact: delia.virga@e-uvt.ro

Details: Psychological counseling sessions for refugees, offered free of charge, in order to increase resilience.

Contact: delia.virga@e-uvt.ro

Details: Drawing up a brief practical guide for parents in order to know how to explain to children what war and its effects mean

Contact: mihaela.tomita@e-uvt.ro

Details: It is an initiative that will start in the next 2 months and consists of a post-graduate program for social assistance specialists who will work with refugees.

Contact: elena.baciu@e-uvt.ro

Details: Progressive creation of a database with all student volunteers from the university who can be activated according to the specific situation in relation to the situation in Ukraine.

Contact: cosmin.goian@e-uvt.ro

Details: It is intended that the practical discipline in the school plan of the Social assistance Department of the UVT will be reinterpreted with new elements related to working with refugees. The implementation of the discipline will be done on the field, with refugee groups.

Contact: venera.bucur@e-uvt.ro


Details: Set up an intervention group made up of social workers and doctors to intervene directly in the communities in Timiș county where there are refugees from Ukraine.

Contact: valentin.schwarz@e-uvt.ro

Where: County Youth Foundation Timiș

Details: The Youth Foundation of Timis County together with the administrative department of the UVT provide accommodation facilities for refugees


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