Personal development webinars and career counseling sessions for students across the country

Personal development webinars and career counseling sessions for students across the country

The Western University of Timișoara (UVT) developed this year the integrated program "UVT for students", dedicated to students from the whole country, within the partnership it develops with pre-university environment. This extensive program consists of

  • preparation sessions for the baccalaureate exam,
  • competitions dedicated to students,
  • personal development webinars and individual career counseling.

In the coming weeks, through the organization of the Career Counseling and Guidance Center (CCOC) of the Western University of Timișoara, a new series of webinars dedicated to the personal development of students, useful for choosing their educational path, will take place. Thus, the UVT Career Counseling and Guidance Center team supports students and invites them to participate in the new series of personal development webinars, according to the program below: 

· March 13, 2024: The Secret of a Fulfilled Life

· March 20, 2024: A Journey to Self

· March 27, 2024: How to overcome lack of motivation?

· April 3, 2024: What is driving my career decision-making?

· April 10, 2024: How to make friends with your emotions?

· April 17, 2024: Weather: Foe or Friend?

· April 24, 2024: In the digital age, is it worth physically coming to the university?

· May 8, 2024: Choosing the right study program

· July 10, 2024: Choosing the right study program

All these activities take place online, weekly (every Wednesday), starting at 15 p.m.

To participate in this program, we invite all interested students to complete this REGISTRATION FORM, where the areas of interest will be specified. Login details will be sent by email to registered participants.

At the same time, the UVT Career Guidance and Counseling Center offers individual career counseling services students or other aspirants to university studies who need support for choosing their educational and professional path. Scheduling an individual career counseling session can be done by filling out the form TO THIS FORM.

In addition, UVT makes available free of charge to all interested parties psycho-vocational testing platform YTM – a psycho-vocational testing platform developed by UVT specifically to generate reports on users' interests, abilities and skills, with the aim of guiding them towards a specific educational and professional path.

Details of all upcoming student events can be accessed HERE.

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