UVT, in solidarity with the writers of the Timiș Branch of the Romanian Writers' Union

UVT, in solidarity with the writers of the Timiș Branch of the Romanian Writers' Union

West University

The West University of Timișoara (UVT) expresses its solidarity with the writers who form the community of the Timiș Branch of the Romanian Writers' Union, who have become victims of the carelessness and lack of reaction from the local administration, in the face of the imminent evacuation from the headquarters that has been their home for 71 for years.

The rector of UVT, university professor dr. Marilen Gabriel Pirtea, declares in relation to this deeply undesirable situation: «I learned with dismay and revolt about the appearance of a "quick evacuation summons" of the space occupied by the Timisoara Branch of the Romanian Writers' Union and the editorial office of the "Orizont" Magazine, an untimely act that brings the community of writers from the Union and the "Orizont" Magazine into the threshold of evacuation from a premises where it has been for 71 years and which has become a good home for valuable people of letters from Timișoara. It seems that the local administration does not react promptly, but not even with delay, in the face of a borderline situation, where there is an imminent risk of evacuation. The lack of adequate solutions from the local administration is completely regrettable and undesirable, a deeply shameful attitude for Timișoara today. It is unfair that cultural personalities, those who win national and international awards year after year, who form the most important core of the Union of Writers from Timișoara, are forgotten and even abandoned in the middle of impasse situations».

The Western University of Timișoara considers the imminent evacuation of the "Orizont" Magazine and the Timișoara Branch of the Union of Writers to be particularly serious and appeals to the decision-makers in the local administration to identify a quick solution to solve this crisis in which they were brought the literati from Timisoara, victims of a prolonged administrative paralysis of the last decade.

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