UVT gets involved in the community by promoting art and social harmony

UVT gets involved in the community by promoting art and social harmony

UVT gets involved in the community by promoting art and social harmony

Always concerned with the aspect of promoting tolerance and social cohesion, UVT contributes to the development of positive frameworks of interaction between people of Roma ethnicity and other inhabitants of the community.

Thus, within the "Common Spaces for Integration of Roma - CoSpIRom" project, financed by the European Commission, the West University of Timișoara ordered the creation of two large murals on the buildings of two schools in Timișoara. The two works (made by the artists Corina Nani and Flaviu Rouă – SC X-Tec SRL) beautify, starting on October 16, 2020, Secondary School no. 1 and "Grigore Moisil" Theoretical High School. 

  The project implemented in Greek-Romanian-Italian partnership and coordinated in Romania by UVT, adopted the motto "Different but together!", the basic concept being that of "common space", co-created by the citizens of a community, based on contacts and direct and personal experiences. The message of the two murals refers to the need to overcome, in the interaction with our peers, the limits prescribed by stereotypes and cultural patterns and the awareness of the power of each of us to project a symbolic space, of harmony and social cohesion, in which we emphasize things that bring us together and make us feel part of the community.

The inauguration of the two artistic creations will take place in November of this year, on which occasion a special event will be organized within the project. In this way, the West University of Timișoara would like to thank all the actors involved for their excellent collaboration: the artists Corina Nani and Flaviu Rouă, Dr. Eng. Sergio Morariu, the management and collectives of the Secondary School no. 1 and the "Grigore Moisil" Theoretical High School, the company SC X-Tec SRL, the Timiș County School Inspectorate and the Timișoara City Hall. The local coordination was carried out by the university associate. Theofild Lazăr, from the Faculty of Sociology and Psychology of UVT, Local Coordinator Romania - CoSpIRom project.

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