UVT actively promotes social inclusion

UVT actively promotes social inclusion

In the view of the Western University of Timișoara, services for students with disabilities are a collective responsibility of the entire academic community, which means that we encourage the participation of university teaching staff in their support and implementation. We have been supporting this public policy in our university for several years.

As a result of the implementation of the UVT program to support students with disabilities, we are happy to announce that one of its beneficiaries became a UVT graduate this summer. It's about Vlad Emanuel Ion, who studied in the Physiotherapy and special mobility degree program of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport. Vlad is one of the students with disabilities (blind), who was offered a scholarship to fully cover the fee required to enroll in this undergraduate program, as well as accommodation for himself and a companion, in the UVT dormitory.

"More than a human duty, supporting students with disabilities is, for the UVT academic community, an institutional responsibility, assumed by the UVT University Charter itself. We believe that a high-quality life, in the local and university community, is also defined by adapted study conditions offered to those with special needs, through which we promote their inclusion, and in this sense we offer a package of special services dedicated to this every year categories of students. I congratulate all UVT students enrolled in this program. I congratulate Vlad Emanuel Ion, a graduate of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports at the end of this academic year, for his ambition and positive energy, which helped him overcome his limits and successfully complete his undergraduate studies, in within the special program of services offered by UVT for the segment of students with disabilities. The example of Vlad Emanuel Ion's tenacity is telling for our entire community, it shows us what success means, beyond the hardships of life, which are sometimes unavoidable", emphasized the Rector of UVT, prof. Dr. Marilen Gabriel Pirtea.

The Western University of Timișoara is a pioneer in the Romanian university space in the field of specialized services for students with disabilities. The activity in this field is structured by the Charter of the Western University of Timișoara and regulated by the Inclusion Framework for Students with Disabilities, adopted by decision of the UVT Senate. The practices stipulated in the present procedure are in agreement with those of European and North American universities. The objectives of facilitating an appropriate educational process for students with disabilities are:

  • Creating the institutional support framework for students with disabilities in UVT;
  • Development of UVT accessibility for students with disabilities;
  • Ensuring the interface between students with disabilities and teaching staff, in order to implement specific educational measures;
  • Providing educational and psychological counseling to students with disabilities;
  • Providing support in the integration of students with special needs in UVT, by providing them with assistive technologies, by making educational spaces accessible, as well as by adapting teaching and assessment methods according to the type and degree of deficiency.

Information about these special services for students with disabilities can be found in the web information centers CADIS and ACCESSIBILITY

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