European terminology project, "French Education", successfully completed by UVT students

European terminology project, "French Education", successfully completed by UVT students

During August-September 2020, five students of the specializations Modern Languages ​​and Literatures and Theory and Practice of Translation from the Faculty of Letters, History and Theology were selected to participate in the terminological research project Terminology Without Borders, the section French Education, in collaboration with the terminology department of the European Parliament, TERM COORD and the General Directorate for Translations of the European Union, DG TRAD. The research activity of the 5 students was coordinated by Eliza Claudia Filimon, university lecturer. Doctor in the English Language and Literature group of UVT. The students defined and translated from English into Romanian 50 terms, which will be included in the European IATE glossary.

In the first stage of the project, the students were trained to comply with the requirements of the TERM COORD department, with a view to a uniform activity regarding the format of terminological tables.

The following steps included term research, translation, definition and framing in relevant and documented context. The working languages ​​were Romanian and English.

UVT team:

Theodora Lucaci – 3rd year LL

Bianca Graszl – 1st year Master TPT

Laura Halasz – 2nd year Master TPT

Ciprian Meteș – 1st year Master TPT

Diana Elena Șerban – 2nd year Master TPT

    Coordinator - lecturer Dr. Eliza C. Filimon

    Coordinator - lecturer Dr. Eliza C. Filimon

"Research work is fascinating, and looking for a term or expression outside of a specific context involves a somewhat higher level of difficulty, but this aspect made me work even harder to provide a translation and definition of the terms as as qualitatively as possible." Diana Sherban

“I like projects where you actually learn something, and this is one of them. Not only did I improve my translation skills and do research, but by searching for information about those terms, I discovered many new things. It was really an interesting project through which I feel I have developed." Ciprian Metes

"What I liked most about this project was the fact that through it I had the chance to contribute to the enrichment of the terminological database of the European Union. It was also an opportunity to learn more about certain historical facts as well as terms often used in various fields." Laura Halasz

"I consider this project an effective initiative to facilitate communication, which can often have gaps, given its complexity. The fact that I was among those who gave their best to fill these gaps was a great joy for me." Bianca Graszl

"I am glad that I was given the chance to participate in such a large-scale project, which taught me that if we know how to look, the end result will be nothing but exceptional." Theodora Lucaci

"The project French Education facilitated students' access to international educational research. They have gained skills, experience and are more motivated to get involved professionally in the field of translation after finishing their university studies.” Lect. Dr. Eliza Claudia Filimon

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