The UNITER award for Ida Jarcsek-Gaza, the initiator of the specialization Performing Arts – Acting in German at UVT

The UNITER award for Ida Jarcsek-Gaza, the initiator of the specialization Performing Arts – Acting in German at UVT

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In the framework of the 2023 edition of the Romanian Theater Union (UNITER) awards, actress Ida Jarcsek-Gaza will be distinguished with Award for the entire activity. A prominent personality of the Romanian theatrical world, Ida Jarcsek-Gaza has been, for more than half a century, one of the emblematic figures of the German State Theater Timișoara. Together with her sister, the actress Ildiko Jarczek-Zamfirescu, and Hans Lengenfelder, Ida Jarczek-Gaza campaigned for the establishment, in 1992, of the specialization Performing Arts – Acting in the German language, which she led from 1992-2003 , when he became the director of the German State Theater Timișoara.

The actress stood out through extremely diverse roles performed in productions signed by important directors from the country and abroad. He collaborated, for example, with Răzvan Mazilu (Cabaret), Bocsárdi László (Electra and Misunderstanding), Yuri Kordonski (The incredible and sad story of the candida Eréndira and her soulless grandmother), Radu-Alexandru Nica (Shaking Shakespeare) and Carmen Lidia Vidu (Journal of Romania. Timișoara). "The energy and dedication of the actress Ida Jarcsek-Gaza continues to inspire the artistic team of the German State Theater Timișoara, for whom she was and remains an important mentor", reads the press release sent on this occasion by TGST.

More details, here: https://www.uniter.ro/premiile-senatului-si-nominalizarile-pentru-premiile-galei-uniter-2023/

The rector of the West University of Timișoara, Marilen Gabriel Pirtea: "The role of mentors is particularly meaningful in the case of the vocational specializations offered by UVT, the valuable young people who study under the guidance of these mentors being motivated and inspired to develop their careers. The UVT community sends congratulations to the actress Ida Jarcsek-Gaza, an inspiring model for our students, a training talent that is also recognized by the award offered by UNITER for the entire activity in 2023."

Out of the 26 actors employed, in the current season, at the German State Theater Timișoara, 17 are graduates of the specialization Performing Arts - Acting in German from the Faculty of Music and Theater of the Western University of Timișoara. This specialization has recently completed 30 years of uninterrupted operation, being the only one outside the German-speaking area where students can study Acting in German. Currently, 17 teaching staff teach at the highest standards in the generous spaces of the Youth House in Timișoara subjects that are also found in the curricula of specialized faculties abroad, students having the chance to study abroad with various scholarships, but also to get involved in numerous artistic projects since his studies. Admission for the academic year 2023-2024 will take place in the first part of July. More details will be available soon on the institution's website (https://fmt.uvt.ro/), at Admission section.


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