Awards for the IMF, at the ANIS 2023 Scholarship Gala

Awards for the IMF, at the ANIS 2023 Scholarship Gala

During this week, the ANIS Scholarship awards for the current year were awarded. The objective of the ANIS Scholarship program is to establish a collaboration between the industrial sector and the academic environment to support young teachers in the integration of new technologies in the university content and the adoption of innovative teaching methods.

With a national coverage and funding worth 5,000 euros for each selected project, the ANIS Scholarships are intended for young university professors, assistants and doctoral students with teaching activities.

La #GalaBurselorANIS 2023, in the category #BigData, the 1st place was obtained by Mr. Adrian Spătaru, lecturer at Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics - UVT from West University of Timişoara, for the "Big Data Technologies" project. The course has been updated and the laboratory material is completely new. A notable innovation consists in the introduction of examples of the use of Machine Learning algorithms implemented in the PySpark library within the laboratory material. In conclusion, the program covers how Cloud resources, especially Google Dataproc, can be used to create a data processing cluster.

Within the category #Blockchain, this year's winner is our colleague, Darius Galiș, doctoral assistant also at Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics - UVT from West University of Timişoara, which proposed the program "Blockchain Technology Between Ideology and Challenge". The course has been revived under the faculty's Master's in CyberSecurity program. The objective of both the course and the lab is to introduce Master's students to blockchain-related concepts and provide a realistic and balanced perspective on the entire blockchain concept. The new structure of this course has been thought not only to facilitate easy understanding of the basics but also to cover starting from theoretical aspects to concrete applications and challenges associated with blockchain technology.

Congratulations Adrian Spătaru and Darius Galiș for the work done and the prizes won! 

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