Performance opportunities for students across the country: 28 competitions, in 17 fields of study

Performance opportunities for students across the country: 28 competitions, in 17 fields of study

The West University of Timișoara is actively involved in the implementation of the integrated program "UVT for students", within the partnership it develops with pre-university environment. The extensive program is aimed at students from all over the country and consists of

  • preparation sessions for the baccalaureate exam,
  • competitions dedicated to students,
  • personal development webinars and individual career counseling.

Through the component faculties, UVT organizes 28 competitions for students, in 17 fields of university studies in which they run study programs, designed to encourage academic performance in the ranks students from all over the country.

UVT rector, Marilen Gabriel Pirtea: "The constant development of opportunities for students is a priority of the Western University of Timișoara. Starting from 2024, within the integrated program "UVT for students", we propose a diverse set of activities and events dedicated to students from all over the country, out of the natural desire to facilitate their approach to student life. The competitions organized by the UVT faculties are special opportunities to meet with specialized training in these scientific areas, even before starting university studies. We encourage all students to participate in our competitions, regardless of their town or county."

Students who will achieve very good results in the competitions organized by the UVT can benefit from special conditions in the admission process, in accordance with the regulations of the UVT faculties regarding the organization and conduct of the admission process. The regulations for each organized competition, as well as other organizational details, are available on the UVT website, at this address:

Enrollment in these competitions is free and open to students from all over the country, in a program that will be held as follows:

  • Field "Visual Arts": PASAJE national competition (registration 15.01–14.06.2024)
  • Field "Chemistry": CHIM@UVT national competition (registration 1-21 April 2024)
  • Field "Biology": BIOS National Competition (Entries 1-30 April 2024)
  • Field "Geography": GEOMONDIS national competition (registration 15.02-15.03.2024)
  • "Law" field: Argument debate competition for high school students (registration until October 30, 2024)
  • "Economic Sciences" field: FEAA ECONOMICA RIPENSIS national competition (registrations 1-25 April 2024)
  • Field "Physical Education and Sports": Timișoara Open Memorial "Mihai Cioroianu" regional competition (registration based on invitations from FEFS) and Handball regional competition as a la carte (registrations based on invitations from FEFS)
  • Field "Physics": The Constantin Sălceanu National Competition (registrations 1-20 March 2024) and the Crystal Growing National Competition (registrations until September 22, 2024)
  • Field "Philology":
    • International French language competition La Pléiade (registration 15.12.2023-15.03.2024)
    • National competition for literature and German language Deutsche Sprache und Kultur (entries 01.02.2024–26.04.2024)
    • National competition Scriviamo in Italiano (registration 01.12.2023–31.03.2024)
    • Japan the Cool, and I International Contest (Entries 01.02.2024/20.04.2024/XNUMX–XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX)
    • Ecaterina Andreica National Competition of Classical Languages ​​and Cultures (registration 26.01.2024–31.03.2024)
    • National competition De a words and LETTERS (registrations 01.04.2024–09.06.2024)
    • International competition Россия: язык и культура (Russia: language and culture) (entries 27.03.2024–07.06.2024)
    • National contest Српска култура и цивилизация: купаји и обреди (Serbian culture and civilization: traditions and customs) (registration 01.02.2024–15.06.2024)
  • "History" field: Constantin Daicoviciu National History Competition (registration 1.02.2024–15.05.2024)
  • "Mathematics-Informatics" field: IMF international competition (registration 15.01.2024– 06.04.2024)
  • "Music" field: ArtsOn International Competition (registration 01.02.2024/01.03.2024/26.01.2024 – XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX) and International Traditional Music Academic Performance Competition (registration until XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX)
  • Field "Theatre and performing arts": International Theater Competition (entries until 01.03.2024) and International Drama Competition in German Theatrical Freestyle (entries 15.01.2024–03.05.2024)
  • Field "Educational Sciences": EDUCATION national competition for the 15.12.2023st century (registration 17.03.2024-XNUMX)
  • "Social assistance" field: Altruism Olympiad national competition (registration 01.01.2024–15.03.2024)
  • Field "Psychology": The national competition Me and psychology in 5 minutes (registration 15.12.2023–17.03.2024)
  • Field "Sociology": My community in pictures national competition (registration 01.02.2024– 30.04.2024)

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