Gold medal for SYNTHESIS, the hybrid electric bicycle of the Cruiser type, created within the framework of FAD

Gold medal for SYNTHESIS, the hybrid electric bicycle of the Cruiser type, created within the framework of FAD

The undergraduate project SYNTHESIS (master's student David Borovic, coordinator lect. univ. dr. Alexandru Bunii, layout drd. Alexandru Mihai, layout Petru Grangure) captures current and near-future trends regarding the importance of coherent use of 3D printing technology in the attempt of increasing the production quality and the aesthetic spectacularity allowed for a serial product. SYNTHESIS is an electric hybrid Cruiser bicycle for adults, featuring an electric motor mounted in the rear wheel hub and a battery located in the frame of the bicycle. The bike can be used both in the urban environment and for short hiking trips. Using a chainless system, the bike offers durability, light weight and a simple design. It can be used normally, hybrid or fully electric, adapting to the user's preferences. The prototype was also made with the support of the Symme3D company, Timișoara.

The SYNTHESIS project was accepted in the national event Diploma Show 2023 Bucharest and was presented at the Night of European Researchers 2023, an event organized in the headquarters of Nokia Campus Timișoara. In the International Exhibition of Inventions and Innovations "Traian Vuia" Timișoara (June 13-15, 2024) obtained the gold medal.

"On certain dedicated semester themes, at the beginning of 2022, within the Faculty of Arts and Design from Timișoara, we started to explore a new and very interesting direction of design. As designers, I believe we need to be in control of the design process at a conceptual and creative level, and not wanting to simply witness an automated process, I adapted the concepts in an attempt to reap at least some of the benefits of the generative design process (unconventional shapes, low material consumption) through a topology optimization process that resulted in specific aesthetics. Students involved in the preparation of undergraduate projects used this technique to create bold, complex volumetrics with spectacularly detailed surfaces. Several such proposals were awarded at the INTERNATIONAL ART & DESIGN COMPETITION 2022 – Accademia Riaci, Florence Italy[1] and two projects that received gold medals at the TRAIAN VUIA INTERNATIONAL INVENTION AND INNOVATION FAIR 2022 – Timișoara, Romania, for proposing an innovative aesthetic language, the incorporation of synthetic, recycled and/or biodegradable materials and the use of 3D printing technology in the growth production quality and aesthetic spectacularity allowed for series production." - emphasizes lect. Univ. Dr. Alexandru Bunii.


 [1]INTERNATIONAL ART & DESIGN COMPETITION 2022 – Accademia Riaci, Florence Italy[Cited 08 December 2022], available online at:

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