Unique works by the students of the Decorative Arts specialization, in the "Antidigital" exhibition

Unique works by the students of the Decorative Arts specialization, in the "Antidigital" exhibition

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The Faculty of Arts and Design of the Western University of Timișoara, through the Center for Research and Creation in Decorative Arts and Design, in collaboration with the Central University Library Eugen Todoran Timișoara, invites you to visit the "Antidigital" exhibition, whose similes are on display the latest projects and original works belonging to the students of the XNUMXst, XNUMXnd and XNUMXrd year of the Decorative Arts specialization.

The exhibition is organized by the care of the coordinators of the student groups, the academicians conf.univ.dr. Valentina Ștefănescu, conf. univ. dr. Gloria Grati, conf. univ. dr. Daniela Catona, conf. univ. dr. Matei Gașpar, lect. univ. dr. Victor Gingiu and assistant professor Reka Gyorgypal. Along with them, at the opening of the exhibition, which took place today at the BCUT headquarters, the students exhibiting their works were also present.

The evolution of Decorative arts in the present implies the need to re-evaluate traditions, techniques, their reconsideration through the prism of the present time and the existing technique. The students of the specialization bring a new breath to this spirit that is clearly defined from fresh experiences, from the joy of embodying ideas from sketches into materials, from the experiences lived in seeing the finality of the works.

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