International Global Open Day@Wut

International Global Open Day@Wut

On 28.06.2022 the event took place International Global Open Day@Wut organized by the Office of Global Cooperation, International Students and Diaspora of UVT in online format. The event is in its second edition, being an initiative launched by the Department of International Relations in the spring of 2021.

International Global Open Day@WUT had as its main objectives the promotion of UVT's offer for study candidates, teaching staff and researchers from abroad, as well as the promotion of UVT as a globally competitive institutional partner in the field of higher education. The diversity of the target groups targeted by the three panels proposed during the event reveals the multiple dimensions through which the West University of Timisoara practices internationalization with and for everyone, in UVT and in the world.

The event was structured in 3 panels, as follows:

1. A panel dedicated to diplomatic missions in the country and abroad. It focused on the presentation of the Western University of Timisoara, our offer of study programs or cooperation opportunities in the field of education and research, but also on the development of partnerships and collaboration agreements between diplomatic missions and UVT with the aim of facilitating the intensification cooperation in the field of higher education between the University and the states they represent. The diplomatic missions present, either of Romania or from Romania, were from: Ireland, Turkey, Morocco, Republic of Korea, Brazil, Spain, Estonia, United States of America, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, France, Belgium, Bulgaria, Poland, Malta, Lithuania, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Tunisia, Peru. 

2. A webinar-type panel dedicated to candidates for university studies at the Western University of Timisoara. During it, the study offer of UVT, the admission process at UVT for European citizens or from EU third countries were presented. The emphasis was placed on the multiple and diverse study programs offered in international languages, as well as on the competitive advantages offered to international students who opt for UVT as a study destination. About 30 participants were present. 3. A panel dedicated to members of the Romanian Diaspora and international alumni of UVT, who responded positively to an open discussion regarding collaboration possibilities with the Western University of Timisoara. The dialogue was carried out according to the interests of those who registered for this event following the invitation launched by UVT and included: the presentation of the collaboration opportunities offered by UVT (the program Visiting@WUT or the initiative Diaspora@WUT lecture series, UVT integration grants, doctoral and postdoctoral studies at UVT, research opportunities at UVT, the UNITA European alliance), the establishment of bilateral agreements and the organization of mobilities, the development of collaborative international courses or events. There were participants from: England, United States of America, Australia, France, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Holland, Ireland, Spain.

All panels enjoyed a significant number of participants, fruitful and constructive discussions, with clearly established short- and medium-term objectives. The materialization of the ideas discussed during the International Global Day@WUT will contribute to strengthening UVT's position at the global level as a destination for studies, teaching and research.

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