Meeting with Elliot D. Cohen, at UVT. Applying "Logic-Based Therapy" to the problems of everyday life

Meeting with Elliot D. Cohen, at UVT. Applying "Logic-Based Therapy" to the problems of everyday life

One of the greatest practicing philosophers in the world will lecture at the West University of Timișoara on Monday, March 27, from 18:30 p.m.

During the event, Prof. Dr. Elliot D. Cohen will explain the "Logic-Based Therapy" approach, at the end of which he will dedicate himself to the interested public, in an open and engaging dialogue. We will discover together the ways in which philosophical practice helps us in dealing with everyday turmoil.

Prof. Dr. Elliot D. Cohen is Director of the Department of Humanities at Indian River State College, Professor of Clinical Ethics at Florida State University College of Medicine, and Director and Trainer at the Logic-Based Therapy & Consultation Institute (USA) . Author of numerous books and articles, Elliot D. Cohen is one of the main founders of Philosophical Counseling in the United States and creator of Logic Based Therapy (LBT).

He is a leading proponent of collaboration between practicing psychologists and philosophers, but also writes a permanent blog for Psychology Today. He was a close collaborator of Albert Ellis, the founder of rational-emotional and behavioral therapy (REBT), which he developed in the form of his own method, Logic-Based Therapy and Consultation. Since this year, Prof. Dr. Elliot D. Cohen is a full professor at UVT's Philosophical Counseling and Consulting Master.

Philosophical practice and philosophical counseling exceed theoretical or academic philosophy, by applying philosophical tools in finding solutions, clarifying and developing values ​​or principles, or simply to arrive at "the art of living a good life". 

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