Registrations open for the "Educational and Digital Resources for Online Training" program

Registrations open for the "Educational and Digital Resources for Online Training" program

The Western University of Timișoara (UVT) is starting registrations in the admission process for a new series of postgraduate training and continuous professional development program "Educational and Digital Resources for Online Training", specially dedicated to the training of teachers in pre-university education, for carrying out teaching-learning-evaluation activities online.

This postgraduate studies program capitalizes on the complex experience of the Western University of Timișoara (UVT), acquired by carrying out the educational process over time with the support of digital platforms and tools, amplified by the organization, with the onset of the pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus , of all teaching-learning-evaluation activities on e-learning platforms.

The rector of UVT, university professor Marilen Gabriel Pirtea, Ph.D., emphasizes the increasingly well-defined opportunity of this postgraduate program: "UVT successfully ran the first series of the new study program "Educational and digital resources for online training", in June and July of this year, when there were many requests for registration, from many teachers, from several counties of the country . Through this postgraduate study program, we want to share the experience of university specialists in the field of online teaching with our colleagues, teaching staff in pre-university education. We are aware of the great usefulness of this program, which contributes decisively to the training of teachers so that they can quickly adapt their educational methods to the most advanced digital platforms. The fact that the number of enrollments in the first series of this program was very high – forming three modules instead of one as originally planned – motivated us to accelerate the planning of the opening of a new enrollment period. Practically, in the content of this postgraduate program, learners adopt a language of current pedagogical communication around the world and develop their skills for the digital education of the future. We are waiting for you at UVT, to specialize in the use of digital education tools, the education of the future".

The postgraduate study program "Educational and digital resources for online training" provides participants with the necessary training both for the use of specific didactic and pedagogical methods in the conduct of online educational activities, and for the use of appropriate digital tools. The duration of the program is 8 weeks, including the skills certification exam, with all teaching activities taking place exclusively online. Graduates of the postgraduate study program will obtain a certificate of attestation of professional skills, accompanied by the descriptive supplement, issued by the West University of Timișoara (UVT).

Registration of candidates for admission to the study program "Educational and digital resources for online training" will be done online, until 18.10.2020, on the platform, and the educational process for this program studies will start on 26.10.2020.

The teaching staff involved in the running of the program have knowledge and practical experience, attested by the results obtained in the research activities and by the teaching-learning-evaluation activities carried out with the students on the platform, which will also be the support for the didactic activities of the proposed program.

The general objectives of the postgraduate studies program "Educational and digital resources for online training" refer to the training of teaching staff for the design and realization of educational activities in e-learning format, to the development of the skills and abilities necessary to use digital tools and technologies in an educational context, but and to the training of teaching staff for the organization and management of e-learning education programs in specialized fields. The competences covered by the program aim at the effective use of digital resources and tools in teaching-learning-evaluation, communication and collaboration activities, using digital technologies in teaching activities and creating digital content.

The study program "Educational and digital resources for online training" is registered in the National Register of Postgraduate Programs (RNPP) managed by the National Qualifications Authority (ANC), thus being recognized at national level.

Details regarding the registration process, organization and conduct of this postgraduate study program can be found on the website promoting the admission process at UVT, at the address:

Other details about postgraduate studies at the West University of Timișoara can be found here:

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