Two new UVT infrastructure projects accepted for financing

Two new UVT infrastructure projects accepted for financing

The Western University of Timișoara received with great joy the latest announcements about the results of the evaluations of two university infrastructure projects, promoted through the applications submitted for funding through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan and through the Modernization Fund of the Ministry of Energy.

The first of these two projects is the one submitted under the title "We build for education: Dormitories of the future" and aims to build, on a plot of land in the peri-urban town of Ghiroda, a university support center in full development, a new student dormitory that will comply with the requirements of nZEB plus ("a building whose energy consumption is almost equal to zero"), through through which 162 places will be secured for the students of the West University of Timișoara. The value of the investment is 52.958.278,79 lei, of which 47.235.636,22 lei non-reimbursable financing and 5.722.642,57 lei UVT contribution, a financing that will be provided by PNRR, Pillar VI: Policies for the new generation. The dormitory will be built on a plot of 5.254 square meters in the Ghiroda commune, which was transferred to the administration of UVT by the decision of the Local Council of the Ghiroda commune in September 2023. Each room will be equipped with integrated functional furniture and will be equipped with all utilities.

A second recently evaluated project was submitted for funding in the open call by the Modernization Fund of the Ministry of Energy, representing a solution to install a new capacity to produce electricity from solar sources, is the project entitled: "The development of a photovoltaic plant for the production of electricity from renewable sources, in order to ensure the self-consumption of the Western University in Timișoara, Timiș county". The value of the investment that will be provided by the Ministry of Energy is 12.843.600,54 lei, UVT's own financial contribution to this project being zero. An important result of this project will be the operationalization of a renewable energy production unit with a newly installed renewable energy production capacity of 2.168,64 kWp / 1.980,00 kW AC, through which it is estimated that a net production of primary energy of 175,80 toe/year from renewable sources, i.e. a total net production of electricity of 38.634,46 MWh in a period of 20 years. In other words, 50% of the entire annual energy consumption of UVT will be covered directly from its own renewable sources. Another result of this project aims to reduce UVT's carbon footprint by reducing greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the production of the energy necessary to carry out its own activity, and this objective will be instrumentalized by covering it with photovoltaic panels in order to ensure the electricity necessary for optimal operation of several buildings from the UVT heritage, respectively on the roofs of 25 faculty buildings, student dormitories, teaching and research bases, sports halls and facilities, or other specific spaces of the university.

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