Debate at UVT: "The opportunity to develop military Social Assistance in Romania"

Debate at UVT: "The opportunity to develop military Social Assistance in Romania"

The Department of Social Assistance from the Faculty of Sociology and Psychology of UVT is organizing a debate, for the first time nationally, under the title: "Opportunity for the development of military Social Assistance in Romania". The event will take place on Monday, March 18, 2024, from 15 p.m., in the Aula Magna of UVT, and will be followed by other meetings to which decision-makers from the two fields will be invited. The participants in the organized debate are university teaching staff, students, social workers and other categories of interested persons, entry being free.

Military Social Assistance is a subfield with a tradition in the USA where, starting from the Second World War, active military personnel, veterans and their families with children have been among those who have benefited from professional support to overcome situations of social, economic and emotional crisis.

In the context of the armed conflict on Romania's border and the messages regarding the increase in the number of military personnel, with all the effects arising from this, UVT, through the Department of Social Assistance, organizes this first event through which the existing needs will be evaluated and the opportunity for the need to take over good practices North American in this field.

The debate will be moderated by the director of the Department of Social Assistance from the Western University of Timișoara, Prof. dr. Cosmin Goian, having as guests prof. dr. Viorel Prelici – theoretician and founder of specialized education in Banat, familiar with the social assistance system in the USA. Guests from ISU Banat will also participate, lieutenant colonel Irina Vastag, psychologist and doctor of sociology with experience in intervention in crisis situations and reserve MApN major Dr. Eugen Bucur, with experience in both military activities and social assistance services addressed to children and adults in difficulty.

INFO – Contact person: prof. univ. dr. Cosmin Goian (

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