Design Talks_03 / 2024

Design Talks_03 / 2024

The DESIGN TALKS project, carried out within the Faculty of Arts and Design at the Western University of Timișoara, is an extracurricular initiative that aims to facilitate a broad dialogue between students and entrepreneurs in the field of applied arts. This concept was born from the Creative Industries Map, created by students of the Faculty of Arts in 2020, and highlights the partnerships in local creative communities. In collaboration with over 40 associations, companies and individuals in this field, we strive to facilitate a dialogue between students and entrepreneurs in this field, and challenge them to presentations and debates, in an academic space.

This year, in the 3rd edition of the event, we chose the theme "Woman in Design", with the aim of celebrating and highlighting the contribution of female entrepreneurs active in the field of applied arts. It is no coincidence that we have chosen the month of March for this event, as it is a month dedicated to the recognition and celebration of women.

Our aim is to highlight the valuable experiences and perspectives of industry speakers, thereby providing students with the opportunity to learn and be inspired to design a future in their field of interest. The topics covered cover aspects such as resilience, sustainability and humanity in design, promoting the values ​​that matter most in this creative sphere.

The "Woman in Design" event, which took place on March 15, 2024, in the FAD Attic, was a remarkable success. We have had the privilege of meeting many women entrepreneurs with impressive life stories and passion for their work. Together with about 70 students, plus a good number of people from outside the university environment, we had the pleasure of sharing ideas and debating interesting topics, thus creating an environment conducive to networking and collaboration.

After the event, we were delighted to see a post on social media from Ina Biebel, who mentioned a message proposed by a student for Tombabe t-shirts. With the support of the UVT printing house, we managed to print a number of catalogs for this edition, with the title "Woman in Design". The publication is a reprint of previous editions and features profiles of all the women participating in Design Talks over the course of the three editions.

In conclusion, the DESIGN TALKS project demonstrates our strong commitment to fostering dialogue and collaboration in local creative communities. The "Woman in Design" event was a special moment where we could celebrate the stories of women in the industry and stimulate a new generation of young creators to follow their passion and develop their potential in this field. We hope to continue promoting these values ​​and expand the project in the future.

WOMAN IN DESIGN event speakers:

Ina Biebel – Tombabe | Timea Diosi – Biancoebianca |Maria Dyas Burnete – MD Burnettes

Laura Ungureanu – Ceramiceanu | Adela Maria Marius – Epretext | Ștefania Țiplea – environmental designer | Anamaria Igna – AMVERI – knitwear | Adriana Frațilă - architect

Project manager: assistant university Dr. Claudia Feti

Project Team: university conf. Dr. Diana Andreescu | assistant university Dr. Cezara Padurean

assistant university Dr. Bianca Mic | university conf. Dr. Corina Nani | associate professor Veronica Toma

lect. university Dr. Eugenia Riemschneider | university conf. Dr. Daniela Catona

lect. university Dr. Cristina Lazar | lect. university Dr. Sandra Chira

Graphic design: Claudia Feti

Administrative: Diana Buftea Ionela Szuromi Simina Radulescu

Financial: Daniela Oros

Assist. Univ. Dr. Claudia Feti

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