Collins Filimon, registered athlete at the CSU UVT club, qualified for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris

Collins Filimon, registered athlete at the CSU UVT club, qualified for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris

The West University of Timișoara (UVT) is going through a special moment and is happy to announce that the athlete registered at the CSU UVT club, Collins Filimon, the multiple national badminton champion, has received confirmation that he will go to Paris, at the 2024 Olympic Games.

His ranking in the world Top 100, at the time of determining the participants, was a condition fulfilled for several weeks, so the athlete registered at CSU UVT had to obtain the Austrian passport (by default the citizenship of this country, for which he plays from 2021), in order to- and be confirmed to participate in the Olympic Games, which was confirmed.

"It's a beautiful moment, I wanted it very much, although at the beginning I didn't have high hopes, because the road to Paris started when I was ranked 180 in the world and I had to take it from the bottom. It is my first qualification campaign for the Olympic Games. It could still be in 2020, for Tokyo, but then it was very difficult to participate in tournaments and accumulate ranking points to issue claims. I am very happy for this success” said Collins Filimon.

The CSU UVT athlete began his bid to access the most important sports competition of the month since last summer, but an injury created problems for him at that time. However, he coped with them, managed to overcome the preliminary or initial stages of professional tournaments many times and accumulated important points, which took him close to the world Top 80. Collins Filimon will fly to Paris, but will do so as a representative of Austria, because he has dual Romanian and Austrian citizenship.

The course that is expected in the capital of France, in a sports discipline dominated by Asians (in the world top 10 being only two Europeans, the others being from China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand), is explained by Collins Filimon: "There will be 16 groups in the Olympic men's singles competition, with 16 seeds, determined in order of world ranking. In addition to them, there will be two competitors in each group, from those who gained access later. The group will be tough, because there is an equal chance that I will play the world no. 1 or the world no. 16. With a little luck, I can catch a group with, for example, the world number 13 or the world number 16. Only the first place will advance to the elimination phase" said the player.

Austria did not condition the issuance of the passport, the retention of Romanian citizenship being accepted, a situation that is not frequently encountered. Collins Filimon explains the context in which he competes for Austria: "I needed a passport to compete for Austria. I was not allowed to play for Romania, because I had previously changed for Austria. If I wanted to compete for Romania, I would have had to wait a year or two after the last previous international match. There was no other solution, I needed to get an Austrian passport".

The athlete is settled in Austria, but he has not forgotten his origins. He continued to come to the Romanian National Badminton Championships, each time finishing with the trophy in hand, in the singles competitions. Collins Filimon is also expected at the next editions of the Romanian nationals, because, keeping his Romanian citizenship, he will still be able to be present at the main domestic competition. We are happy that the multiple champion has been a CSU UVT athlete since 2017, his achievements promoting the name of the Western University of Timișoara.

Good luck, Collins Filimon, at the Paris Olympics!

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