The largest student dormitory in Romania, at UVT!

The largest student dormitory in Romania, at UVT!

The sustained efforts of our community, as well as the permanent attention for the quality of life of UVT students, materialized on 9.07.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX in a new and big step towards normality.

The largest student dormitory in the country will be built in Timișoara, as part of the campus of the Western University of Timișoara, following the Government's approval of the investment project "Construction of a student dormitory - Western University of Timișoara, Renașterii str. no. 24B, Timișoara municipality, Timiș county".

During the meeting of the Government of Romania on July 9, 2020, the Decision was adopted for the approval of the technical-economic indicators of the investment objective "Construction of a student dormitory - Western University of Timișoara, 24B Renașterii str., Timișoara municipality, Timiș county".

The new dormitory will be the largest dormitory in Romania, executed by CNI, and will have 902 places in rooms for 2 people, 32 places for accommodation for people with disabilities, but also 156 parking places for cars and 120 for bicycles. Each room will be equipped with its own bathroom, air conditioning, refrigerator, TV and suitable furniture. The new student accommodation infrastructure will have a height regime of seven levels (S+P+4E+E5 in part) and a built area of ​​4128 sqm. The proposed building will consist of 5 sections, the main bodies T1, T3 and T5 oriented longitudinally (NW-SE), and two transverse connecting bodies (T2 and T4), in the VE direction.

During this year, all the documents requested by the CNI for the approval of this investment objective were obtained, and the Feasibility Study was completed as early as 2019. UVT supported the creation of the necessary documentation for the approval of the project by the National Investment Company and the Ministry of Public Works , Development and Administration. After the adoption of the Government Decision, the documentation will be drawn up for the investment design and execution tender. With a completion period of 2 years, the UVT Home on Renașterii street involves an investment worth 138 million lei (plus VAT), of which 90 million lei is the construction component. The rector of UVT, university professor Dr. Marilen Gabriel Pirtea emphasizes the importance of the investment: "The new dormitory of the Western University of Timișoara will expand the accommodation capacity of our university by a third, adding 900 places to the existing three thousand. I am convinced that only through major projects of this kind can a coherent strategy for the growth of the Timisoara university center be implemented. Through the additional accommodation spaces that will be offered from the fall of 2022, the attractiveness of UVT and Timișoara, as a university city, will gain a significant advance. The Government's decision, which approved the investment through CNI in this new accommodation capacity, with a value of 138 million lei, is taken in support of higher education in Timișoara, to increase the capacity of our university center to respond to thousands of accommodation requests from new students, attracted by the city's charm and UVT's national and international reputation as a comprehensive university at the forefront of Romanian higher education. Here is that the Government is, through yesterday's decision, alongside the local authorities, the UVT teachers, close to the students, opening together the way through which the UVT students can fulfill their best version, upon finishing the faculty, as they say and the exhortation by which we are known internationally: Become Your Best!".

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