Science Cafe: "The human voice - art and science"

Science Cafe: "The human voice - art and science"

The Research Career Guidance and Counseling Center of the Western region invites you to a new Science Cafe event, entitled "Human voice-art and science"

The event will seamlessly blend information about the human voice, exploring the diversity and depth of this miraculous instrument that has been used throughout time to express our emotions, communicate and create art. Participants will have the opportunity to understand how sound is produced by the vocal cords to how sounds are shaped and amplified in the human body, exploring the wonders of the science behind the human voice.

The special guest is Prof. Dr. STEPHAN POEN, renowned phoniatrician, Doctor of Medicine and Musicology, who will share his vast knowledge about Vocal Aesthetics and the connection between Medicine and Music. With a multifaceted career, he is also a lyrical artist (baritone) affirmed in lyrical theater and vocal-symphonic music. He is periodically invited as a member of the juries of prestigious international singing competitions in Italy (International Competition Vincenzo Bellini – Sicily), Romania (International Singing Competition Hariclea Darclée), Israel, USA, Brazil and in many other European countries.

He obtained the title of Doctor of Musicology from the National University of Music in Bucharest, with the work "Sonology and Sonosophy in Tonal Determinism". He founded the field of Vocal Aesthetics by formulating a first-of-its-kind doctrinal system, based on the research and experiences accumulated in his own medical and musicological activity. He is an associate professor of Vocal Aesthetics, with didactic activity, master's degrees and conferences held in some Italian conservatories and opera theaters. He held doctoral courses at the National University of Music in Bucharest and conferences in Italy, Israel, USA, China, in European countries, but also in Romania, in Bucharest and Braila.

He carries out an extensive activity as a teacher and artistic and musical consultant for artistic institutions, university education and artistic impresario, in Italy and in the world. He is a strong promoter of the Romanian culture and the Romanian singing school in Italy and in the world, through his entire activity and through the constant passion with which he integrates the interpretations of Romanian artists in conferences, masters and radio and television shows everywhere.

The participants will have the opportunity to enjoy a special artistic moment, offered by soprano Narcisa Brumar, lyrical artist at the Romanian National Opera in Timișoara and pianist Leonard Bonea, accompanist at the Romanian National Opera in Timișoara.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn about the art and science of the human voice!

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