"Entrepreneurship and financing on the capital market": debate dedicated to the capital market, organized by UVT and the Bucharest Stock Exchange

"Entrepreneurship and financing on the capital market": debate dedicated to the capital market, organized by UVT and the Bucharest Stock Exchange

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The Western University of Timișoara, in partnership with the Bucharest Stock Exchange, organized the event "Entrepreneurship and financing on the capital market", during which topics related to entrepreneurship and ways of financing businesses through the capital markets were launched into debate.

During the event, representative specialists of this leading field were present, through specialized interventions: the Rector of UVT, Marilen Gabriel Pirtea and the Director General of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, Adrian Tanase, but also the President of the National Confederation for Female Entrepreneurship (CONAF) and entrepreneur "Flori de ie", Cristina Chiriac, MedLife Chief Executive Officer, Dorin Preda, the IFB Finwest broker, Ovidiu Serdean and broker Goldring, Laurentiu Căpcanaru.

The rector of the West University of Timișoara, Marilen Gabriel Pirtea: "In the good tradition of the Timișoara school of economic sciences and business administration, the Western University of Timișoara continues, this year, the series of conferences devoted to the most current topics of this dynamic field. fleshing the partnership established at the end of last year between UVT and BVB, dedicated to financial education, the Conference "Entrepreneurship and financing on the capital market" brought to the Aula Magna UVT, for the specialized audience of our university center, a thematic agenda that connected two of the most alive topics of the real economy - entrepreneurship and capital markets financing. Today's world is an ecosystem that requires us to be ready for new challenges, in which the entrepreneurial spirit is increasingly important, especially for the innovative solutions through which capital markets financing develops."

"At the end of 2021, the Bucharest Stock Exchange and the West University of Timișoara concluded a cooperation agreement for financial education with the aim of promoting financial education among university students but also to connect the business environment of Timișoara, entrepreneurs with the ways of financing their businesses through the capital market. This conference opens the series of events that we aim to achieve together with the University of the West in this area of ​​our country. Representatives of the brokerage community and companies listed on the stock exchange responded to the invitation and participated in the event, specialists who brought real information about stock market activities, investments and entrepreneurship, a real help both for the students present at the event and for the representatives of the business environment. business. Financial education is essential among young people to ensure that the financial decisions and actions they take in the future have a solid foundation for success.”, stated Adrian Tănase, General Director of the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

"In the dynamics of entrepreneurial life, financing options become strategic. From the most recent studies and analyses, we observe that three out of ten launched start-ups end up "suffocating" within a year, due to reasons related to the lack of solid financial information. Therefore, it is vital to inform ourselves and have advanced knowledge about the most competitive financial instruments, including the capital market. Here is a sufficiently well crystallized reason why this conference, resulting from the joint effort of UVT and BVB, will be a very good reference point for most of those attending today, students who want to build future successful businesses", stated Cristina Chiriac, President of the National Confederation for Female Entrepreneurship (CONAF).

The event was attended by specialists in the field, students, researchers, academics, but also experts and professionals in the field from the entire university community and the Timisoara community.


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