Through the financial support provided by RO-CULTURE and implemented by the Timiș County Council, the rehabilitation and re-functionalization of the Mocioni Manor becomes possible, having a significant impact on economic and social development in rural areas. This project not only aims to rehabilitate the mansion itself, but also the implementation of a varied range of activities, with effects [...]

The RegioStars local communication ceremony dedicated to the project "From mine to rivers. The guardians of the waters!", at UVT

One of the top projects of the UVT, in its capacity as a multidisciplinary research center, is registered on the Interreg - IPA Romania - Serbia funding axis of the EU: "RORS-337: Romanian-Serbian network for the evaluation and dissemination of the impact of mining activities of copper on water quality in the transboundary area". The three partners involved in this […]

University Game Jam 2024

Universities with dedicated study programs (Game Art, Game Development, Game Design, etc.) were invited by the RGDA (Romanian Game Developers Association) to participate, promote their educational offer and get to know each other within Dev.Play 2023 Bucharest. Thus, the University Game Jam 2024 was born from the desire to create a solid collaboration between universities, between […]

"Constantin Sălceanu": national physics competition, organized by UVT

Starting from 2003, the Faculty of Physics of the Western University of Timișoara, in collaboration with the Timișoara Branch of the Romanian Physics Society, organizes the "Constantin Sălceanu" National Physics Competition. The purpose of this competition is to stimulate interest in physics among high school students and to identify talented future students. The contest consists of a [...]

The inter-county mathematics competition "Traian Lalescu Memorial"

The inter-county mathematics competition "Traian Lalescu Memorial" is a traditional competition that has reached its 35th edition, being organized on March 23 this year by the West University of Timișoara in collaboration with the Timiș County School Inspectorate, under aegis of the Romanian Society of Mathematical Sciences – Timiș Branch and with the support [...]

HackDay, Paris

The team of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of the West University of Timișoara, coordinated by Lect. Dr. Cristian Cira, recorded a remarkable performance in the HackDay cyber security competition, ranking 11th in the final stage, out of a total of over 150 participating teams and over 20 countries represented. The final of the Capture […]

IMF, present at BSides

The Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics was present in Cluj at the BSides international cyber security conference on March 23. It is one of the world's leading cyber security technology expos and conferences, featuring international speakers, IT professionals, ethical hackers and recognized security experts. At the same time, it was organized [...]

The linguistic cafe of intercomprehension of UVT

Initiated and developed at the Western University of Timișoara with the launch of the UNITA - Universitas Montium European university alliance, intercomprehension is part of the current activities, in the second phase, of strengthening the UNITA European University, with the focus now being calibrated on the promotion of national Romance languages ​​through the method of intercomprehension. Therefore, this linguistic tool remains extremely [...]

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