The large-scale project "Timișoara. The Secret Map: People and Places,” at debut

Thursday, July 21, from 21:30 p.m., we are waiting for you in the yard of the Project Center (Vasile Alecsandri street, no. 1), at the preview of a film that couldn't be more captivating! "The Legend of House H" is a documentary about a unique house in Romania, one of the most spectacular architectural projects in our country. The documentary is part of the series "Timișoara. Map […]

Didactic Master for the fields of: Physical education and sports, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Geography

At the Western University of Timișoara, the Department for Teaching Staff Training (DPPD), in collaboration with the Faculty of Chemistry, Biology and Geography, the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports and the Faculty of Physics, organizes didactic master's study programs in the fields of: Physical Education and sports, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Geography. The programs are intended for graduate candidates with [...]