CCOC-UVT Webinar for students: "Collaboration and team efficiency"

The team of the Career Counseling and Guidance Center (CCOC) of UVT invites students next week to a new webinar - Collaboration and team effectiveness -, through which they will be able to learn how to better manage collaboration with others and learn more about the functioning of a team. A quote that stayed […]

WUT initiatives - Ukraine

Free Romanian language courses for citizens of Ukraine / with studies in Ukraine Details: In case you are a citizen from Ukraine / with studies in Ukraine and you wish to apply for studies taught in Romanian at West University of Timisoara either through an international transfer or through an admission procedure, but you do [...]

Reorganization of didactic activities at UVT, after the end of the state of alert

The Senate of the Western University of Timișoara analyzed the context and the pragmatic options for reorganizing the didactic activities of UVT in the Second Semester of the current academic year, after the end of the state of alert. Thus, both the maintenance of epidemiological prevention measures in amphitheatres and laboratories, natural and important measures after the unfolding of the global pandemic [...]