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Kick-Off Re-UNITA

Kick-Off Re-UNITA

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UNITA-Universitas Montium has once more enlarged its scientific and innovating horizons, this time with the kick-off meeting of Re-UNITA, an ambitious project won in European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. 

Re-UNITA does not only deepen UNITA’s main interest areas, research and innovation, but also symbolizes a new set of opportunities for scientists, researchers and professors to develop and enhance the results of their work into a competitive and prosperous environment.

The 24th of September was dedicated to Re-UNITA, as it has officially kicked-off:

The welcoming words of Laurent Bordes, the rector of UPPA, set the stage for an interesting series of speeches regarding challenges, possible obstacles and soon-to-be-seen outcomes of the newly implemented project.

The structure of Re-UNITA was also discussed with great sense of detail by the work-packages coordinators, highlighting as well the links and connections which can and will be made between UNITA and Re-UNITA.

With great hopes and big dreams ahead, Re-UNITA is officially on its way to create the most proactive environment for the researchers of this Alliance and not only.

Stay tuned to find out more about Re-UNITA related news and events! 


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