A different view on student exchanges in pandemic times. West University of Timisoara students in the European and International Cities Virtual Student Exchange

In 2022 WUT’s strategic partner, Nottingham Trent University, organized the European and International Cities Virtual Student Exchange, as a follow-up activity to previously organized exchanges in face-to-face formats (NTU’s European Creative and SMART Cities Challenge). The event is based on our universities’ and cities’ existing strategic cooperation. Its’ virtual format came as a result of […]

UNITA rural mobilities kick-off at West University of Timisoara in July 2021!*

The UNITA European Alliance (of which West University of Timisoara is a part of), through the UNITA-Universitas Montium project, offers its students the opportunity to experiment new forms of mobility. Thus, it contributes to objectives of developing rural mountain territories, as well as increasing the opportunities for personal and professional development of UNITA students. Our […]